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Karuna Training

Karuna Training is a  course of study and practice in contemplative psychology designed for people who work professionally with others, as well as those who are interested in their personal development using a contemplative model.

Karuna Training consists of three parts: Personal process, space awareness, and working with others. The first two parts generate a deeper understanding of mental and emotional processes.

Parts 1 and 2 make one unit, which is 20-22 months long. For participation in part three, which is a separate, advanced training, the faculty evaluates whether participants have the ability to apply the material previously learned to their work with others. Part three also involves a placement or a practical experience of some kind.

Methods of Contemplative Psychology

The experiences and methods conveyed in this training include:

  • specialised forms of meditation, practices aimed at developing awareness; perception and cognitive methods
  • Experiential process oriented methods. The training is supervised by experienced therapists.
  • Group and partner work. Between course sessions participants meet for exchange and discussion in contemplative body-speech-mind groups.
An overview of Karuna Training cycles available you find at News.

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